Creative Framing by Carla Custom Picture Framing in Palmerton

The materials used in this graduation shadowbox to the right are all acid-free and lignin-free and are combined with a conservation grade glass to block UV light from reaching the framed items. 

Preservation framing, however, does not involve the restoration or repair of the item being framed. These items are put into the hands of conservators who have extensive knowledge of particular materials and methods of repair.

Many people prefer, however, to leave the item exist as it is at present and just want to help protect it from further damage.

This frame (to the right) contains a portion of the remains of an original painting on canvas, salvaged from the wall behind the altar when the rear of the Frieden's Church collapsed. The framed art is now hanging on the rear wall of the church, preserving a piece of their history for the congregation to enjoy.

Preserve and Protect

Above all, preservation framing is meant to protect and preserve. The photo on the bottom right shows the mishandling of some very old original photos. When brought to my shop, the framing, completed in another shop, was in much need of repair.  Upon further inspection, I found the photos had been badly trimmed and kept in place with two-sided tape - a big no no in preservation framing.  Also, there were no archival mats, mounts or glass used in the original framing.

At Creative Framing by Carla you can be assured something like this is not hiding inside your frame. Upon visiting my shop, you will find that I carry an extensive selection of archival mats in a variety of solid colors, textures and fabrics used to create beautiful and safe environments for your treasured items.

Protect what you love now, then pass it on to the next generation!

Quality Framing Materials

example of bad preservation framing techniques

Preservation framing is a method of framing and matting that helps to preserve artwork, special keepsakes and family heirlooms. Using the highest quality materials available, a safe environment for your framed item is created allowing you to display and enjoy it for years to come.

preservation framing of college diploma by creative framing by carla

Preservation Framing

preservation framing of artwork in local church